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Specific Formulas Colloidals Customized To Treat Specific Conditions; Skin, Arthritis, Joints

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100% Organic    Ultrafine Colloidal Formulas
At Last !  Something that Works on the Actual Causation - not just on the symptoms
Over the past ten years we have been researching effective combinations of our colloidals to assess how to use one or more to act as a trigger to accelerate the effects of another and thus use one as a carrier to magnify the effect of the other/s so as to gain the most effective results on a given condition. For use both orally and topically.

Over 25 proprietary Specific Formulas created from 100% Organic Ultrafine Colloidals offering specific treatments for a whole range of conditions.

They can eradicates germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Boost body's immune system, accelerates healing and repair process. This ultrafine quality is safe for use directly into eyes (silver/gold only), ears and nose for immediate relief of sinus, eye infections and ear problems. These colloidals will BOOST your OWN immune system and deal effectively with disease and illness. Please remember these therapies are not just another pain blocker but will deal with the root cause of your physical ailments, and with a little patience eradicate the causation.


FIGHT AND KILL THE CAUSE - Then symptoms are gone!

High colloidal concentration formula - defends body, and attacks all infections from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Fast acting potent ppm up to 450-500ppm. For use internally and topically. Greatest germ and bacteria killer! We don't know of any circumstances where any single-celled invader has not been eradicated within a clinical petri dish environment within a few hours maximum. (obviously within a living complex organism like the human body it will take from days to a few weeks to finally eradicate an entire infection, depending on how early in the infection process the Germ-Attack is administered.

Also found effective in protecting and defending against most types of FLU especially when taken with the very first onset of symptoms. (sore or itchy throat, dry cough or swollen or painful sinuses) Very Effective when administered directly into the nasal passages using a pipette dropper. - two drops into each nasal nostril whilst holding the head back, and sniffing the solution into the sinus cavities and especially the top and back of the throat. (Using it in this manner can wipe out most infections, including an oncoming cold, cough or flu at its earliest infection threat).

Colloidal particle size is between 0.010 - 0,001 micron  - 
General PPM content of Specific Colloidal Solutions are generally between 12/14ppm and upwards in some cases to 500ppm.

When Nature Attacks without mercy - YOU have to Defend and Retaliate with the following Solution.

Do you need or think that you may need something to help you defend you and your family against some of these unknown germs, viruses, bacteria and pathogens floating about and threatening your combined peace of mind....?

You need to keep a bottle or two of this unique extra strong Ultrafine Colloidal Solution containing only a proprietary blended formula of colloidal silver, copper, gold, and zinc, at varying strengths spanning between 10ppm to 485ppm all contained in particles measuring between 0.001 - 0.10 micron. (small enough to enter individual blood cells and eradicate all single celled invaders.)

Each and every charged individual nano-sized particle works in symbiosis with synchronicity to each other to form a solution where the sum total of the whole is indeed far, far greater than its parts when it comes to attacking germs and other single celled invaders.

This unique advanced GERM-ATTACK Colloidal Solution leaves no attacking survivors to mutate and reform, so as to continue its invasion upon you and yours.

2005 created and developed in the laboratories of and by  Alchemists Workshop tm.


FLU/COLD tm. c

Protection/relief of symptoms - Germ/Bacteria fighter acts overnight. Throat, cough, aches and pains associated with flu.

This solution attacks the cause not mask the symptoms. Unique non-drug Ultrafine Colloidal Formula to help protect against, and destroy flu infections. Very effective when used at the first signs of infection. A few drops into the nasal passages plus a half teaspoon held under the tongue before allowing it to trickle down the throat twice a day for two days  then once a day if needed. Can also be used as a gargle for sore throats. Usually overnight effective.
(#SF/FLU $26.20

After seven years of making this colloidal formula, by popular demand we are now making it available in 100ml. bottles with special pricing for 100ml and Economy 200ml. (2x 100ml bottles) prices.

Also now available in 100ml. and 200ml. with SAVINGS.

"Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients." — Hippocrates

As we are not medical doctors but holistic alchemists practising the tenets and practise's of holistic alchemists throughout the ages, we are not considered qualified to give any medical opinions and thus the opinions we give are our own and should not be considered as medical advice. We make our colloidals to be used as supplements to assist the body in its own natural healing and protection against illness and disease. Although we have personally witnessed, read, and listened to hundreds of anecdotal successfull reports, and studied the successful clinical results once published by leading universities and medical institutions, we are not allowed to advise on the treatment of any illness but  direct you to a qualified medical practitioner should you wish to treat any illness.

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