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Self-help Solutions - Teeth + gums, Mouth Ulcers; Fungus - Skin And Nails Skin Irregularities

  Tree of Self Knowledge  


Due to many requests from our clients and friends we have now finished developing and testing our new group[ of Self-Help Solutions.  These solutions are for you our valued clients and new customers to deal with the everyday health and issues that need taking care of before they can get out of hand.

Our latest additions are as follows:-

    Teeth+Gums tm. (incl. mouth ulcers)
    FUNGUS-destroy tm. (for topical skin care and nails) also to be taken orally.

The above latest solutions are in addition to our complete selection as listed  below and in our Specific Colloidal Solutions
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Ad~Infinitum tm. The Ultimate Tonic for Body + Mind

Ad~Infinitum tm. All Body & Mind Tonic - Preventative Action - accelerated healing based on our own annual Knowledge Safari to the Amazon Rain Forest, where we incorporate the ancient wisdom of the local Shamans and their local knowdge of local pure plant extracts for healing and keeping fit and healthy. All of this we have incorporated into our own progressive holistic alchemy based on millennia of alchemy to treat the whole body and mind.