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from 4.30.2010

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Date: 04/30/2010
11:54 PM
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Subject: Re: Quick Query

Hello you Amazing People!

Just a quick query about administration of colloidal silver into my dog's nose.

Can I use a PLASTIC pipette? I have read the information about storing colloidals in plastic bottle and the adverse effects. Would this effect still take place on immediate contact with a plastic pipette?

Presently, I am using a small corner of a cotton pad to absorb the colloidal poured onto a teaspoon and then squeeze it into her nostril.

By the way - she has chronic rhinitis that is green, gunky and her left nostril was totally closed and she had difficulty breathing. Last year it took £200 worth of treatment to 'clear' the problem. On just two administrations of colloidal silver, there was a vast difference and she now comes to me willingly for a morning and evening drops. She also has half a teaspoon orally, once daily.

My other Shepherd is very ill and he has a full teaspoon daily. He had biopsies as a very last resort two months back (before I started the colloidals myself). It was found that his heart and liver are not functioning properly and he has IBD (Intestinal Bowel Dysfunction/Disorder). He was on steroids (yuk!) but had no quality of life and life is for living and we have always walked a couple of hours a day and swum together, etc. Anyway, my aim was to get the guts settled and let nature takes its course for the heart and liver - he is 10 and I am not earning much and he is no longer insured.

After the second administration, he was brighter, allowing me to touch him again (since the 'illness' he would hide behind the couch and became generally hypersensitive to touch, smell, etc and pre-illness, he always had daily massage and was a very touch-feely dog. And three days ago he swam to the middle of the lake and competed over a stick with my other Shepherd (above) and won! I realise that more progress is to be made as the colloidal silver has to build up in his system, but am so thrilled at what I have seen and the whole 'ease' of his bodies. I would love to give him Gold (he is severely hypo-active of the thyroid since the age of 18 months), but money is tight and starting myself on colloidals was a big financial step - but bloody hell do I feel marvellous!!!!

Many thanks and warm regards,