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Inside the Alchemist’s Workshop

Alchemist Heating a Pot, by David Teniers the Younger (1610 - 1690), oil on canvas.
Public domain

David Teniers the Younger, a seventeenth-century Flemish painter, had a serious thing for alchemy. Over the course of his career, Teniers painted some 350 different scenes, illustrating just about every aspect of alchemy imaginable. All of Teniers’ alchemical scenes, however, show the alchemist’s workshop as a place of experimentation and inquiry–a space full of instruments integral to the experiments, tools that were built and maintained through a plethora of different technologies.
In Teniers’ best-known painting, Alchemist Heating a Pot, an elderly alchemist anxiously leans forward, carefully handling a small bellows, fanning oxygen into a small fire under a ceramic vessel. The old man is surrounded by a variety of instruments–glass jars and flasks are artfully arranged on his shelves, ceramic containers are strewn throughout his workshop, a pair of tongs leans up against the desk, and a clay crucible sits on on a small stool. More than anything else, Alchemist Heating a Pot conveys the sense that alchemy–itself part chemistry, part speculative philosophy–is a science that is unequivocally and completely dependent on its instruments. There are at least five different tools at work in just that small segment of Teniers’ painting.
Alchemy is one of the most curious subjects in the history of science–it evokes both method and magic in popular imagination. Teniers brilliantly juxtaposes light and shadow in his paintings, leaving the viewer unsure just how illuminating alchemy really is.

At its very core, alchemy focused on the notion of transmutation–the ability of one element to morph into another, especially the ability to turn elements into gold. (If Rumpelstiltskin had only been so lucky!) In order to understand elements on their most basic level—in order to extrapolate how to transmute one into another—alchemy focused its experimental efforts on the processes of distillation, sublimation, and crystallization and how they affected different materials. Exploring these processes, however, required sophisticated tools and technologies as well as scientific means and methods.

And just what kinds of tools filled alchemy’s workspace? As depicted in Teniers’ workshops, we see alchemy’s experimental space function as a precursor to the modern scientific lab. Where we might expect to find beakers, microscopes, and computers in contemporary labs, we instead find instruments like crucibles, flasks, and alembics in alchemical workshops.

Understanding the process of distillation–the purification of a substance or the creation of a concentrate from a liquid mixture–occupied considerable experimental interest and required specific tools. To that end, alchemists relied on three primary components: cucurbits, alembics, and lutes–tools that were then assembled into complex apparatuses, which were heated to separate substances into their purest forms.

Cucurbits were round containers made to hold the substance being distilled from one thing into another. Cucurbits were generally made of glass, copper, or earthenware ceramic. (Their name comes from the Latin cucurbita or “gourd,” in reference to their shape.) The alembic was a rounded glass head with a beak that fitted on top of the cucurbit–perhaps the most iconic of alchemy’s laboratory tools. Alembics varied considerably depending on the amount of condensation or sublimation the alchemist wanted to coax out of the original mixture. Consequently, the glass heads could be rounded, cylindrical, beaked, or bulbous. The joint between the two was sealed using lute, a sticky mixture that often contained dung, egg whites, and clay.

After alchemical apparatuses were assembled, liquid was added to the cucurbit and the gourd-like vessel was nestled in a bed of sand or ashes and heated to begin the distillation process. As the liquid boiled and evaporated, it condensed in the alembic, and the distillate was then directed out of the alembic’s beak and into a container of some sort. The hope was that the distilling process would transmute one substance into another. For distilling dry materials, alchemists also used a tool called a retort, which had a shorter height than the traditional alembics.

Alchemy’s emphasis on questions of transmutability meant that the science was heavily invested in the design, construction, manufacture, and maintenance of tools suitable to its methods. In early modern Europe, alchemical tools were integral to setting up successful experimental practices, particularly through the use of specific glass technologies, ceramic manufacture, and a sophisticated manipulation of fire through fuel and furnaces. Alchemist Heating a Pot is the quintessential depiction of these tools and technologies.

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Introducing the latest untraveled road to Skin Beauty and Healthy Body and Mind -
Somewhere from the ancient Pyramids via Stonehenge, through the hands of  Sir Isaac Newton, Faraday and other alchemists, to the crucible of the holistic alchemists of Alchemists Workshop; arrives new discoveries to benefit skincare, enhance beauty, and defend and repair body and mind.

Introducing the latest untraveled road to Skin Beauty and Healthy Body and Mind.
Published by Alchemists Workshop tm. Newsletter Feb 5th 2017
By Merlinski  F.I.H.A - holistic alchemist

The Alchemists Beauty & Skincare System

Our approach to personal health and beauty is based on millennia of ancient wisdom and tried and proven extraordinary insight into what the body and skin needs to restore and strengthen itself.

Based on the extraordinary beneficial effects obtained since the reigns of Queens Nefertiti, Cleopatra in ancient Egypt and The Queen of Sheba the use of colloidal gold and copper were recorded as used by these legendry beauties to maintain and enhance their youthful beauty.

So from five thousand years ago and throughout the Middle Ages in the East and Europe Alchemists have continued to use the transmutation of copper, silver and gold to achieve the goals of achieving the ultimate purity of body and mind.

The impurities in skin and the sub-derma layer contributes to most of the causes of skin conditions.  Also bearing in mind that skin is the single largest organ of the human body; so any problems relating to reactions to pollution, whether in the air, water or in the food we eat can and does reflect on our overall health which manifests itself through our ultimate skin condition.

1STARTING WITH BASIC MAINTENANCE: the use of our basic colloidal formulas SKIN I and SKIN II can be simply taken as a spoonful a day as well as applied topically to specific areas of the skin on a daily basis.

2.  IMPROVING SKIN ELASTICITY + PROTECTION:  our SKIN MAGIC tm.  spray-mist with its combination of pure colloidal and organic essential oils specially chosen to protect and maintain your skins natural elasticity and healthy natural glow whilst offering protection against the  weather and today’s air pollution.
3.  ENHANCING SKIN BEAUTY:   our basic cream - CRÈME de la CRÈME tm.   was the first of our colloidal creams that we researched and developed based on ancient texts and modern day breakthroughs.  Like all of our creams and gel, Crème de la Crème  is 100% natural and organic, made from natural non animal sources, seaweed, and pure colloidal with essential oils made up to our own demanding and proprietary formula.
Because of its many variable uses it has also been dubbed the Everything Cream as when gently massaged into the skin it has the ability to go down into the root of many conditions with a beneficial outcome. An excellent cream to revigorate your skin’s natural beauty as well as offering protection;  also helps regenerate your natural collagen and diminish wrinkles and brown spots.
4GENERATING AND PROTECTING BEAUTIFUL SKIN:   Crème d’Or is a colloidal gold cream pioneered by us at Alchemists Workshop over 15 years ago when we realised the massive benefit’s a really strong super gold colloidal can have on interaction with skin. We added Hyalornate (vegan), Dead Sea Crystals, special seaweed and grape seed extract and amino acids; to create a truly remarkable and highly effective GOLD skin cream. Helps to revitalize,  defend and protect your skin against all challenges, to create a truly beautiful and confident skin texture.
5.  THE ULTIMATE SERUM FOR ALL:   ELECTRA-SERUM tm. containing the rarest beneficial ingredients throughout history. This new product is completely natural and made from wholly organic vegan and mineral sources. The ultimate gel for all skins.........
The ultimate skin preparation, created using long established natural and organic principles, Ultrafine Colloidal Gold and other precious and primal elements, herbal and sea extracts, and rare  essential oils - Aga Aga and others, that interact with not only your skin, but holistically throughout your entire body.

The Electra Serum tm. is an ultimate skin product fit for the 21st  and 22nd century in so far as it also contains the latest miracle discovery Hyaluronic Acid found naturally throughout the human body with high concentrations in synovial fluid and cartilage. (unlike most other Hyaluronic Acid supplements that use processed animal by-products, this formulation contains NO animal by-products and is 100% Vegan).
Gaea Herbal  Earth Cream -  hemp oil -  Bee venom - dead sea crystals   
What does the lowly weed they call hemp have to do with the king of all earthly minerals - GOLD?

By combining the finest result of the transmutation of the Alchemists art by producing ultrafine colloidal gold and copper capable to infiltrate the hidden depths of the skin and sub-derma layers, while at the same time allowing the special nutrients and phitocells of the hemp cream with the additional specially chosen essential oils, Dead Sea Crystals and seaweed extracts, we alchemists have a created a truly magical cream from Gaea's natural earthly gifts.

Ancient Earth Goddess
From pre medieval alchemists legend involving King Arthur and his Shamanic magical Alchemist Merlin through to modern day New Age Gaeanish; we bring you a cream whose roots go right back to the Earth Goddess and her alchemistic shaman in the midst of what is the modern day Monmouthshire in  Wales, where Arthurian legend upholds King Arthur’s Merlin delved into the bountiful earth’s natural herbs; creating a wondrous cream for King Arthur’s Queen Guenevere, whose beauty was and is still renown.

It is from this same area of the Arthurian Legend that our Gaea Herbal Cream base  was concocted and created (using the unique and specialized knowledge of the most experienced and best living hemp oil extractor still currently plying his craft).
Alchemists Workshop refined the cream further with their Ultrafine Gold, Copper, essential oils, organic Bee Venom, Dead Sea salts, seaweed essentials and created the ultimate Goddess Herbal Cream - The Web of Life  to help you weave your spells…..  Gaea Herbal  Earth Cream tm.

CREME-EXTREME tm.  .....the cream that will get down to the deep tissue and root out the cause of the problem.. It has even been successfully used to treat the results of acute cellitis skin damage.

Crème Extreme tm.
Cream of colloidal Super Silver 485ppm, and Super Copper 200ppm, essential oils*, + pure hemp, and oregano for deep skin tissue repair; including deep sub derma nerve sheathing and neural pathways.

essential oils*
Camelia seed oil
Marine Collagen


Hyaluronic Acid
All the above ancient knowledge from above is now brought together with the latest skin scientific breakthrough with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid, one of the very few to have been completely sourced from a pure 100% vegan source. (this is very rare in the new myriad of new skin preparations containing this wonder skin product)

Perfect Skin, Perfect Blends
Our skin a beauty preparations are produced naturally in-house and are suitable for use on almost all skin types including sensitive skin.

Always Parabens & Artificial Fragrance Free
We hand make our lotions, gels, creams and colloidal preparations in our own research units between Glastonbury and Stone Henge in the ancient English countryside, and along the Malibu Coast in California, to ensure we know exactly what goes into our products, we never use parabens and of course we never add synthetic fragrances.

Against Animal Testing
None of our products are tested on animals and of course none of our suppliers test on animals either. All of our products are tested and are formulated in-house for purity, effectiveness and safety, with our experienced holistic alchemists, test on the best testers of all... ourselves

The Alchemists Workshop -  From an Ancient Past……The Skins promise of a better tomorrow...........
Knowledge from the Alchemists Workshop   03:09:2017

ZINC .....its vital importance to you !  

The health benefits of Zinc include proper functioning of immune system, digestion, control of diabetes, improves stress level, energy metabolism, acne and wounds healing. Also, pregnancy, hair care, eczema, weight loss, night blindness, cold, eye care, appetite loss and many other factors are included as health benefits of zinc.
Zinc, being an important mineral plays a vital role for the protein synthesis and helps in regulation of the cells production in the immune system of the human body. Zinc is mostly found in the strong muscles of the body and especially in high concentrations in the white and red blood cells, eye retina, skin, liver, kidneys, bones and pancreas. The semen and prostate gland in men constitutes large zinc amount. In a human body, even 300 enzymes or more than that requires zinc for the normal functioning. The researchers believe that 3000 proteins out of 100,000 are involved in human body consisting of Zinc.

A normal human body consists of two to three grams of Zinc.
There are organs of the human body, which secrete Zinc such as salivary gland, prostate gland and pancreas. Even the immune cells secrete Zinc.
Deficiency Symptoms: The deficiency symptoms of zinc include
Important Sources: The important food sources of zinc include meat based products. Other products like oysters, turnips, peas, oats, peanuts, almonds, whole wheat grain, pumpkin seeds, ginger root and pecan nuts.
Benefits: The most important health benefits of zinc are as follows:


November 3rd 2016  -  Newsletter to subscribers and Alchemists Club members
Your Health and Wellbeing IS in YOUR own hands - This is definitely for YOU....
Without pharmaceutical drugs or poisoness substances
You can Save on
Holiday Prezzies
As long established (since 1974) and experienced pioneer holistic alchemists, we have reopened the secrets of the ancient alchemists and those following in their foot steps, from biblical times up through the medieval times and up to those brave souls who broke the standard beliefs of their day and revolutionized medicine and science through the 18th - 20th centuries.
The problem today is that the entire establishment  is basically only interested in treating the symptoms. The relief of pain and soreness, swelling etc.  They completely discount the knowledge of the past which used natural plants, precious and primal minerals, and yes....electricity and electro-magnetic substances.
Although we as Alchemists only produce our own incredibably pure Ultrafine Colloidal Silver, Copper, Gold and Zinc
;  we produce super pure forms of these colloidals which contain .999 pure microscopic charged particles which have the ability to enter through the body's membranes and get to the route cause of the problems where they inter-react with the actual causation of the problem.
Our Special Formulas are made up from our various strengths of our colloidals and made up to our own propretary ratios and formulas which direct the specific formulated colloidal formulas directly to treat  the problem causation.  For example some of our Specific Formulas such as Arthritica have successfully treated arthritis and other muscle and joint conditions.
Our  general protection and maintenance program offers three ascending levels all encompassed in our Eureka Elixir (for regular usage) ;  Eureka Super Elixir (treating existing conditions) ; Eureka Ultimate Elixir (the ULTIMATE elixir for treating existing serious conditions). These Eureka Elixirs are the best all round solution in one bottle there is on the market anywhere.  They can be used by taken orally and or applied topically to skin. ears, nose and/or ears.
SprayMists - Spray Magic

Our unique approach to skin beauty is borne out by our selection of pure colloidal solutions like Skin1 and Skin 11;  with additional pure organic ingredients like pure organic essential oils, seaweed extract etc.,  all in our Skin Magic and some of our creams.
We make a comprehensive selection of colloidal creams and a serum. Each of our creams have a specific purpose and achieve results for skin and the sub-derma layer producing collagen to fight wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, and encourage blood flow.  Some creams include natural vegan organic substances used and mentioned in the Bible as well as used in ancient Egypt by the literally, beautiful Queens of their day.
Our first cream that we researched and produced, and still continue to sell worldwide today (some 14 years after first launching), is called Creme de la Creme and can be used not only for great skin and muscle tone, but to also to treat deep painful muscle and joint problems. It is truly an "Everything Cream"
Our Cream and Serum collection marketed under our  Alchemystique tm. collection name,; now covers almost everything that relates to skin health and beauty.
Creme d'Or  tm                                   SKIN 1
ELECTRA SERUM tm..                         SKIN 11
Creme Extreme  tm.                            SKIN MAGIC
Gaea Herbal Earth Cream tm.              EXTREME SKIN SOLUTION

Its really is up to YOU - YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF - Here, listed below, are just a few situations that we think we can help you solve.

Arteries + Veins                        Nerves
Arthritis                                     Prostate
Auto-immunity                           Sinus
Back Pain                                  Stress              
Blood flow                                 SKIN  (a whole range of problems
                                                                              and conditions)          
Bones + Ligaments                            Rough skin
Brain Clarity + Synapse                     Skin infections
Collagen production                          Skin Restoration and Revitalization
Colds                                                 Increase elasticity
Depression                                        Increase collagen production
Flu                                                     Decrease Wrinkles
Heart                                       Tendon    
Immune System                       Sleep (relax to enable sleep)
Mind + Memory                

Alchemists Workshop tm.  | Website


22nd February 2014


Over the past 40 years that we've been researching and developing the Alchemists theories and practices of holistic alchemy. We investigated the whole spectrum of how and why these microscopic charged particles  effected the human body and came to the conclusion that due to the entire body's electrical circuitry through which all instructions from and to the brain are carried, lies the answer to our good health and the boosting of our system to fight and restore damaged cells. So it is somewhat  comforting to see our findings validated almost everyday by the so called latest medical breakthroughs which are turning treatments from chemical drugs to this latest discovery of using some form of electrical devices or electrical micro hardware to insert into the human body to do its magic.  We here at Alchemists Workshop believe that this can be accomplished with the use of almost nano-sized charged particles of Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc; all of which can enter individual blood cells throughout the human body to kill off germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens; stimulate and repair broken or damaged cells including muscle, bone, cartilage and all soft tissue.

THE GOLDEN HOURS OF SLEEP  a vital necessity!
Because we know that ultrafine colloidal gold calms the entire neuro-system and enters into the brain where it also calms down over active neurons and relieves stress; we know from our clients around the world that they have conquered their own sleep problems while working in a stressful environment, -  by taking our colloidal gold at night time prior to going to bed.


article published by Daily Mail newspaper UK

Scientists think they have discovered the switch in the brain that tells our bodies when to go to sleep
Professor Gero Miesenböck, whose team conducted the research, said: ‘When you’re tired, these neurons in the brain shout loud and they send you to sleep.’
The researchers demonstrated the theory on fruit flies, removing the switch to create insomniac insects.
They are convinced the same molecular system which forces neurons to fire works in the human brain.
Dr Jeffrey Donlea, who co-authored the study in the journal Neuron, added: ‘There is a similar group of neurons in a region of the human brain.

Researchers are trying to find out how to activate the sleep switch is so that it can be used to treat insomnia.

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning it is all too tempting to reach across and hit the snooze button.
But those extra minutes in bed add up all too quickly. A new survey has found that on average we lose 85 hours a year to the alarm clock snooze function.
Sleep psychologist Chireal Shallow said: ‘We snooze for many reasons, predominantly because we want to squeeze as much sleep out of the night as possible, and often still feel tired when we wake.
‘This is especially true in the winter months as we need to wake whilst it’s still dark outside, which means our bodies do not get a chance to awake naturally.
‘Snoozing is the way we, as humans, attempt to mitigate the lack of sleep, or how tired we feel by trying to wake up gradually and gently.’
The survey of 1,000 people, conducted by cereal brand Fuel, found that the average Briton sets their alarm for 06.58am, but most could not peel themselves out of bed until 7.12am.
Nearly a third - 29 per cent - put their alarm clock on the other side of the room in an attempt to force them out of bed.
One in ten have been sacked or bagged a written warning at work for being late because of snoozing.
‘These neurons are also electrically active during sleep and, like the flies’ cells, are the targets of general anaesthetics that puts us to sleep.
‘It’s therefore likely that a molecular mechanism similar to the one we have discovered in flies also operates in humans.’
Researchers are now trying to find out how to activate the sleep switch is so that it can be used to treat insomnia.

Dr Diogo Pimentel, who also worked on the project, said: ‘The big question now is to figure out what internal signal the sleep switch responds to. ‘What do these sleep-promoting cells monitor while we are awake? If we knew what happens in the brain during waking that requires sleep to reset, we might get closer to solving the mystery of why all animals need to sleep.’
Professor Miesenböck said there are probably two mechanisms that regulate sleep patterns.
One is the body clock, the circadian rhythm which attunes humans and animals to the 24 hour cycle of day and night.
The other - the sleep ‘homeostat’ - keeps track of waking hours and acts as a switch to make the body nod off.
Professor Miesenböck said: ‘The body clock says it’s the right time, and the sleep switch has built up pressure during a long waking day.
‘The sleep homeostat is similar to the thermostat in your home. A thermostat measures temperature and switches on the heating if it’s too cold.
‘‘The sleep homeostat measures how long a fly has been awake and switches on a small group of specialized cells in the brain if necessary. It’s the electrical output of these nerve cells that puts the fly to sleep.’
ed cells in the brain if necessary. The researchers demonstrated their theory by removing the homeostat neurons from the brains of a group of fruit flies.
They found the insects without the relevant neurons did not have regular sleep - they turned into insomniacs and were prone to nodding off at irregular hours.
They had severe learning and memory deficits, in the same way that sleep loss in humans leads to problems.
Dr Donlea said: ‘We discovered mutant flies that couldn’t catch up on their lost sleep after they had been kept awake all night.’

Above info published by Daily Mail UK
based on research from:-

November 19th 2010 

As we should all be aware, the value of the Dollar is dropping in proportion to the amount of extra dollars being printed under the name of Quantitive Easing. Consequently the value of precious and primal metals  is now hitting unbelivable prices on the world markets.

It is because of this, for example  the cost of gold has now more than doubled and we will have to increase our prices after December 2010 after our current stocks run out.  At this time we do not know houw much our costs and thus the costs ofour colloidals will have to be raised early in 2011.  We apologize for these forthcoming increases which unfortunately are beyond our control.

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