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Ultimate Elixir Of Life

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            Ultimate Elixir of Life tm

 Over the millennia man has sought for the holy grail of an Elixir of the Gods......... an Elixir which would offer humankind a golden life free of illness and disease; and if one became infected by illness, then this  same Elixir would accelerate healing and the repair of soft tissue, muscle, bone and cartilage.  None of these issues should exclude the accurate workings of the brain and mind. So the Elixir should also strengthen the workings of brain and clarify the thought process. Also to have the ability to strengthen and improve IQ.

Now we think we have come really close to cracking this enigma with Elixir of Life - a formula of precious colloidals made up of the most precious and most time honored metal of arcane alchemy - Gold. It is only now with current breakthroughs in producing colloidal goldusing new technology mimicking the plasma of the sun, that we can create Ruby~Red Gold tm. up to strength of 100ppm and showing ruby red in color. The creation of a microsopic gold particle suspended in, or should we say within and part of a liquid, totally describes this ultrafine colloidal gold with particle size just above a nano at 0.001 micron: small enough to enter a human blood cell...even ten to a hundred at one timeIt was the challenge of reaching this type of particle size that beat the ancient alchemists of past millennia.  For the use of gold to treat human ailments was their goal and that of stremgthening the human spirit.

We have discovered that besides the use of gold and what it can achieve for the human body, mind and spirit, the use of an ultrafine colloidal Super Silver which is of the same microscopic proportions will work in harmony with Gold and achieve a faster response for certain conditions. This is further enhanced when a Super Copper Colloidal and Zinc is also combined in a presequenced formula and ratio which we hold in proprietary ownership.

Ultimate Elixir of Life tm

So our own rune for Infinity and the almost infinite rejuvination possibilities of human life will be our representation for this new Ultimate Elixir of Life tm.