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Colloidal Preparation For Horses

Low guez electromagnetic wave forms have been known for millennia to effect all life on Earth..
This led to the study of astronomy and astrology both of which were considered serious sciences.


The electro magnetic forces discovered as emanating from within and around the planet Earth subsequently led to the theory of how racing pigeons navigated their way across vast distances.


All of this led to a discovery in 1985 by Dr.Becker, that all mammals had their own personal electrical system which was used to maintain good and vibrant health; and which enabled humans and all mammals to re-grow degenerative or injured bone, muscle or joints, utilizing minute amounts of electricity delivered through the use of silver and copper diodes.


It has subsequently been found that when the regime is combined with specially treated water, the combination can be both used internally and topically with great success. 


The Pegasus Equinox preparation has been formulated specifically for use with horses to accelerate their natural healing and provide a healthy and vital physiology.   It offers protection against a host of equinine illness and disease, whilst providing an alternative method of eradicating germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and pathogens. without the use of antibiotics. and their attendant side effects.


For good health and hearty vitality free of drugs and chemical additives, introduce and treat your horse with Pegasus Equinox â the ultimate in health and performance.

Alchemedica Intl.

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