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Alchemists Club

Alchemists Club

Your very own Alchemists storehouse of great discounts and packages
FOR MEMBERS & Subscribers ONLY

Special discounts and packaged offers for the benefit of our privileged and preferential clients, club members and newsletter subscribers. Special offers, discounts and packages usually change on a monthly basis or when stocks run out when relating to special packaged offers carried in this member's section.

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts to bring you the finest and best quality Ultrafine Colloidal products.

The  Alchemists Club

Eric Axelrod
Barry C.
Helen Gore
Mike Reagan
Mike McGrath

NOTE:    Due to the rush from investment Dollars to commodities and precious metals relating to high qualiyy copper, silver, and gold which despite our attempts to keep our colloidal copper and gold prices down, - we regret that it will continue to rise thoughout this year probably due to world currency speculation while it continues, will result in price increases of our .999 pure colloidal copper, silver and gold products.

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