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Tri COMBO - ALL THREE ULTRAFINE GOLD, SILVER and COPPER COLLOIDALS *lrge 100ml bottle of each - Have your 3 bottle selection  for your needs SAVE 33%

Tri COMBO - THREE ULTRAFINE COLLOIDALS - large 100ml. bottles, each of GOLD, SILVER and COPPER - Have your own selection for your needs - *Popular Choice SAVE $46.60

Quatro COMBO - ALL 4 - COMPLETE COLLECTION of large 100ml. bottles, each of GOLD, SILVER, COPPER & ZINC- Have it all for your needs & SAVE $57.40!

HAVE IT ALL! ALL 4 x 100ml. bottles Ultrafine COLLOIDAL GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, ZINC. (1 x 100ml. bottle of each type) AVAILABLE LIMITED TIME ONLY * SAVE $33%