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Black Dog : hyper-swing depression - mood swings - 65% Ruby~Red Gold @ 25ppm Formula; .999 Pure - No Additves

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Black-Dog tm.
manic - depression - mood swings
hyper-swing / depression

Introducing one of our Colloidal Super Formulas "Black Dog" made up from one of our latest discoveries Ruby~Red Gold 25ppm (65%).
copper 12ppm
zinc 10ppm   
silver 14ppm.
It has been found that the use of ultrafine quality colloidal gold has a remarkable calming down effect on the human brain and entire human neural system. Even up to the point of helping to calm down, equalize, and regulate the heart's pumping mechanism. The additional use of ultrafine colloidal copper in this formula assists the smooth working of the brain's synapse response as well as maintaining elasticity within the arterial blood delivery system right down to the micro veins delivering blood flow to and within the brain. Micro colloidal Zinc is there to help regulate the copper balance within the body. Ultrafine colloidal Silver can kick-start any physical repairs that are needed, and kill off any foreign unwanted invading cells.

All in all, this is a fine cutting edge non chemical or drugs related alternative to trying to heal brain related conditions. 100% natural and organic - no additives whatsoever!

Recommended dosage:
one to two tea spoons taken everyday
      poured under the tongue and held there for twenty to thirty seconds
      before swallowing same.
     or can be added to a small glass of spring water or juice and sipped.

      Can be taken on demand
      Can be taken as and when needed

or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Available in 100ml bottles : Regular List Price $169.76  Special Intoductory Offer SAVE $31.00 = $138.76
As we are not medical doctors but lowly holistic alchemists practising the tenets and practises of holistic alchemists throughout the ages, we are not considered qualified to give any medical opinions and thus the opinions we give are our own and should not be considered as medical advice. We make our colloidals to be used as health supplements to assist the body in its own natural healing and protection against illness and disease. Although we have personally witnessed, read, and listened to hundreds of anecdotal successful reports, and studied the successful clinical results once published by leading universities and medical institutions, we are not allowed to advise on the treatment of any illness but  direct you to a qualified medical practitioner should you wish to treat any illness.
Also Available is our unique .999 pure Ruby~Red Gold tm.  with nothing added. This colloidal is made up of the smallest  .999 Pure gold particles currently possible and available anywhere in the world..

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Ruby~Red Gold tm.  25ppm

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