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Eureka Super Elixir - high ppm Colloidal Super Silver, Ruby~Red Gold, Super Copper and Zinc. Get your Super Fixer Uppper Here! (100ml. aprx 4ozs)

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EUREKA SUPER ELIXIR © tm  ALL 3 SUPER high ppm Gold, Silver, Copper and also 4th - Zinc ALL in 1 bottle 100ml./aprx.4ozs. Health Protection & Accelerated Healing

EUREKA SUPER ELIXIR © tm  (large) (100ml./aprx.4ozs)

QUADRUPLE  FEEL-GOOD FACTOR. A general health and immune booster, combined germicide and antibiotic alternative. Incorporates all 4 ultrafine colloidals in mostly varying degrees of high super concentrations between 485ppm and 200ppm with specific symbiotic ratios.

Tones up skin, muscle, brain activity and performance, as well as cleansing arteries and protecting against illness and disease. Can be taken both orally and used topically.

(#SuprElx/4)(100ml.aprx.4ozs)  normal List Price $147.28

SPECIAL OFFER PRICE    $115.35  save nearly $32.00  available for this price for a limited period only

  • INFO UPDATE:- 07:07:2017  

Due to the amazing response to this product offer, we have increased our production but are still low on inventory and may have to curtail this reduced price offer shortly.

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SAVE YOUR LIFE - YOUR SKIN - YOUR SANITY  Thats all we've got to say.....

  • EUREKA SUPER ELIXIR © tm  This is not the same as our regular Eureka Elixir shown below as this 'Super' is 40 times stronger and made from different kinds of colloidal silver, gold and copper.

 100ml.  (or available at a cheaper rate when buying two or more bottles - see drop down box selection)