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Pure Colloidal Silver


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These are the finest and most effective BioCelElectric tm. PURE Ultrafine Colloidals ©  available.

SILVER 12/14ppm (all ultrafine process & quality)
Silver eradicates germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Boosts body's immune system, accelerates healing and repair process. Our ultrafine quality is safe for use directly into eyes, ears and nose for immediate relief of sinus, eye infections and ear problems. This colloidal will BOOST your OWN immune system and deal effectively with disease and illness. Please remember this therapy is not just another pain blocker but will deal with the root cause of your physical ailments, and with a little patience eradicate the causation.

SUPER SILVER © tm 450/485ppm (all ultrafine process & quality)
Ultrafine high concentration Super Silver; pathogen killer. Restores health and hits difficult to kill viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Because of its extra strength it works faster and thus more effective on hard to kill pathogens which will take longer to effectively eradicate. Whereas the normal lower ppm colloidal will eventually achieve the same desired effect, it allows time for more enemy cells to develop thus taking a much longer period to effectively overcome the cause of the disease than this Super Silver.

CRUCIBLE ULTRAFINE SUPER SILVER © tm  500+ppm   (Crucible Super Silver © tm )

This is the very best in the use of old and ancient knowledge coupled with the very latest nano-technology to produce the tiniest particles (between 0.10 -0.001 micron) which enables them to complete their tasks of entering blood cells and eradicating infectious illness and  disease whilst promoting fast healing and protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. this CRUCIBLE Ultrafine SUPER SILVER is extracted and then distilled over and over again, while still continuing the long slow continual extraction of microscopic charged silver particles. THIS IS UNIQUE!   NEW!  FROM THE CRUCIBLES OF THE ALCHEMISTS WORKSHOP !
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PURE Colloidal SILVER 12/14 ppm Superior Ultrafine Quality. Deals with most everyday health conditions. (Lrge) 100ml.aprx.4ozs (our most popular size)

Ultrafine Colloidal SILVER 12 14 ppm Large 100ml aprx 4ozs Silver eradicates germs, viruses, bacteria ,allergens and pathogens, Boosts body's immune system - Great Protection, Prevention + Fast Healing

CRUCIBLE SUPER SILVER 500+ ppm Maximum Strength needed when using these Ultrafine Quality virtual nano sized particles (Extreme Quality + Strength)

The Very Best of the Very Best Super Colloidal Silver - For Germs, Viruses, Allergens and Pathogens ERADICATION! Reported to also accelerate healing of bone, muscle and joints, while correcting damaged cells while repairing same in soft tissue.