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Muscle+Joints. 50ml. - Ideal for sports injuries. Effective for arthritis and inflamed joints.

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Relieves pain, and reduces swelling, of painful effects of arthritis and other damaged muscles and inflamed joints. Speeds healing by reducing inflamation and causing reproduction of damaged cells of muscle, soft tissue and bones. Very effective when treating arthritis in the knees or sports injuries if covered with a clean cotton pad soaked in the colloidal solution. Immediate benefits usually seen and felt in five days. In common with other colloidals, the earlier on in the condition,the colloidals are used, the more dramatic and long lasting the benefits. It is sometimes a good idea to use this in tandem with our other Specific Treatment BONES/Ligaments
Muscle+Joints. SF/MUS 50m $26.35

Also now available in 100ml and Economy 200ml. ( 2 x100ml.)

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