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Pet Health

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For ALL PETS Natural and Organic Treatments.
Cats : Dogs : Horses : Aviary - Birds : Aquarium - Fish - Frogs - Amphibians



Category (C) PETS - FISH - PLANTS

Colloidal particle size is between 0.010 - 0,001 micron.
General PPM content of PetsLife and AquaLife Colloidal Solutions are generally between 10/12ppm and upwards in some speciality cases up to 485 ppm.

PetsLife tm
For all mammals incl. Dogs, horses, cats etc., Strengthens, defends, and protects against illness and disease. Accelerates healing and recovery.
The best all organic pure ultrafine colloidal treatment for all animals.

AquaLife tm.
Treatment for fish, amphibians and reptiles. Kills bacteria, germs, and viral infections. Both within and on the pets, but also within the water environment, incl. fungus.

Green Thumb Solutions tm.
Kills, germs, viruses, bacteria and fungus. Stimulates healthy growth even from rootless cuttings placed in water. Ideal for hydroponic tanks 100% organic non-toxic.  Defends plant's system against bacteria, viruses, fungus, and against single celled molecular break-down. Ideal for healthy growth in hydroponics or pots and containers.