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Alchemists Gold Discovery and Skincare - now used by Designer Brands charging $215 - $450 jar

Alchemists Workshop editorial comment
THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT TO $430.00 for Alchemists Workshop's Creme de la Creme the Everything Cream Containing the highest quality Ultrafine Colloidal GOLD, Silver and COPPER, Essential Oils, Dead Sea Crystals, and other organic extracts.

Pricey and precious

$215.00 for 30ml !

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate White Lifting Serum.
THE latest skincare product to join the exclusive Re-Nutriv range is the Ultimate White Lifting Serum. Priced at RM750 for 30ml, it is by far the brand’s most expensive skincare product.  

In an email interview, Dr Daniel Maes, vice-president for global research and development for Estee Lauder, defends the price tag. 

“It is the combination of ingredients and technology that contributes to the cost (of producing a skincare).”  

In the case of this latest product, Dr Maes says that it is the best mix of ingredients as well as the very latest research and development that contribute to the product’s efficacy.  

It is formulated with an exclusive “White Gold Elixir”, which is a carefully balanced cocktail of different ingredients including vitamin C, yeast anti-tyrosinase and anti-oxidants, crushed South Sea pearls, whey protein, gentian extract and colloidal gold. This serum fuses rare natural ingredients with the best of biotechnology to help the skin defend itself against visible loss of clarity, age spot and uneven skin tone.  

Colloidal gold is a signature ingredient of the Re-Nutriv range. According to Dr Maes, there has been an increased interest in precious and rare ingredients, so it has led to a growing interest in precious metals across the skincare industry. 

Dr Maes says that the most effective ingredients are often incompatible with each other, unstable or not able to be utilised by the skin, preventing them from acting to their full potential. 

He explains, “Bio-fermentation is a special method of ‘processing’ ingredients to ensure that the ingredients that are obtained are at their most effective in order to produce real skincare benefits, and this technology has been employed for the Re-Nutriv Ultimate White Lifting Serum.” 

He pointed out that Re-Nutriv Ultimate White Lifting Serum was developed specifically for Asian women, who have long been concerned with the appearance of age spots, discoloration and pigmentation.  

If a customer who simply hasn’t got the luxury of time to include several products in her beauty regime and just wants to buy one or two key products from the Re-Nutriv range, Dr Maes recommends the Re-Nutriv Ultimate White Lifting Serum and Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Crème. And especially so if a woman is concerned with dark spots and discoloration on her skin. 

On what Estee Lauder has in store for us in the future, Dr Maes hints, “We are preparing a very exciting new product, which is still in the early stages of development, for consumers who are aged 30 and above. However, we cannot reveal the details but this product is going to be a revolution in skincare treatment.”