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MEMORY-ASSIST - A New 2013 Formula which includes Our unique Ruby ~Red Gold

MEMORY-ASSIST - A New 2013 Formula which includes Our unique Ruby ~Red Gold

We have been promoting the long held belief that gold is beneficial to certain brain related activities which can alleviate certain neural disturbances resulting in Parkinsons as well as defend against Alzheimers and memory loss related conditions.

Colloidal gold because of its ability to interact within the cranial orb, has a unique effect on the brain/neural system as well as throughout the entire body’s neural system.

This specific formula also contains copper and zinc in varying strengths and ratios; the formula is held in proprietary ownership by Alchemists Workshop tm. with no further details available other than it is entirely made up of  their unique ultrafine colloidals
It is also our opinion that Vitamin B-12 (specifically the Methylcobalamin due to it’s water soluble ability to process through the liver and deliver almost all of its qualities to the body) other types do not do this and as such most of the vitamin is wasted and not used.  Although we do not sell vitamins, we would recommend Jarrow Formulas Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin).
MEMORY-ASSIST 100ml (aprox 4ozs)   List Price $67.45 Special Introductory Offer £59.45


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