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ARTHRITICA tm. Unique all Ultrafine Colloidal Formula for treatment of arthritis and like conditions, sore/swollen joints effective on early onset.

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Arthitica colloidal solution for treatment of early onset of Arthritis and like conditions, sports injuries or ankle, foot, knee, elbow, shoulder,neck, spine, and other joint injuries.

Arthritica tm. tm.

The latest in research, development, and innovation from the crucible of the Alchemists Workshop.

Tested by us over the past ten years on members of Alchemists Workshop team members, we have honed this formula of our colloidals over the years and have found it most effective when used on the early onset of Arthritis and similar like conditions effecting bones, joints and their cartilage connections.  It can also be used for sports injuries or ankle, foot, knee, elbow, shoulder, and other joint injuries.


Contains high value Super Silver, Gold and Copper in a proprietary ratio formula.
The colloidal solution should be taken at the rate of one teaspoon each day orally and.. dripped on to a clean cotton swab or cotton pad and then affixed over the painful joint using two strips of Micropore tape across the top and bottom of the soaked pad. (This formula will not stain clothing or bed linen).
The pad/s should be watered again in the evening and changed each morning so as to start the process again.

This surely a virtual blessing for all of you out there who are suffering from this type of debilitating condition, and offers hope for those about to enter this so-called helpless condition in their lives. Who have been told that there is nothing available to attack the actual causation of this slowly creeping condition.

When all that can be offered by orthodox medicine is pain killers, anti-inflammation tabs, sticks and crutches. If acted upon early - then this colloidal solution can deal with this matter and gain five to ten  years before another application (series of Arthritica treatments) are needed!

Also can be used for sports injuries or ankle, foot, knee, elbow, shoulder, and other joint injuries.

$68.45 100ml.aprx.4oz bottle

We are now also able to offer  our new ARTHRITICA AS (Advanced Super)  extending the potency of our regular Arthritica to assist with the more stubborn advancing condition; it contains the same colloidal ingredients but in much stronger effective ppm strengths, including Super Silver 485ppm - Ruby#Red Gold and Coppernicus Copper Supreme. (see bottom drop-down box below)

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Alchemists Workshop

As we are not medical doctors but lowly holistic alchemists practising the tenets and practice's of holistic alchemists throughout the ages, we are not considered qualified to give any medical opinions and thus the opinions we give are our own and should not be considered as medical advice. We make our colloidals to be used as supplements to assist the body in its own natural healing and protection against illness and disease. Although we have personally witnessed, read, and listened to hundreds of anecdotal successful reports, and studied the successful clinical results once published by leading universities and medical institutions, we are not allowed to advise on the treatment of any illness but  direct you to a qualified medical practitioner should you wish to treat any illness.