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FUNGUS/DESTROY tm. Kill off and wipe out fungus infections safely without harmful drugs: Effective on Skin and Nails100ml.

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This FUNGUS-DESTROY tm. all pure ultrafine formulated colloidal is made from a proprietary formula developed by Alchemists Workshop holistic alchemists; and can be very easily self applied orally and topically twice a day.

The FUNGUS-destroy tm..  is made up of tiny individual almost nano sized charged particles of, Silver, Copper and Zinc according to own proprietary varying strengths and  ratios formula. These activated colloidal particles will pass right through and into your actual infected blood cells and soft tissue where they will kill off all invading infectious fungus cells !

Designed for ease of use, the colloidal formula is very easy to use, totally safe, non-toxic and 100% Organic and PAIN FREE.

Obvioiusly the earlier you use it the faster the effective results.

The dosage is one teaspoon (5ml.)  into mouth and a half teaspoon (2.5ml.) applied topically x twice a day. So 1 x 100ml. bottle will last you 6 days
If the condition is really bad then you may need 1 tablespoon (10ml.) three times a day orally plus toppical application twice a day, in which case we advise you to take advantage of the two or three bottle Economy offers shown below in the drop down box.

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