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NERVES/STRESS CONTROL:(100ml.aprx.4oz) If you need it....Then you can't not buy it?.......Because it works! 100ml.

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Totally relieves pain from stress. Neck, shoulders, back and head. An effective relaxent reminiscent of banned weed. Very calming, providing a warm like coccoon feeling of contentment.

Totally safe non drug alternative or habit forming, because its not a pharmaceutical drug or banned substance. There is no fuzzy feeling or any disjointed feeling. Just nice and calm and relaxed.

Ideal for all you hard working single mums and frazzled execs. Never mind the after office drink and resultant effects, just try some of this virtually colourless relaxant solution. It will calm your nerves and stress levels, enabling at last a smile to appear on your face as everything comes into its true perspective for the real YOU.

100% all natural organic Ultrafine Colloidal Formulated Specific Treatment
SF/NRV 100ml  £48.35