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Colloidal SILVER Best Ultrafine quality 12/14 ppm (50ml.aprx.2ozs), 4oz, 8oz, half and full liters

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Colloidal SILVER 12/14 ppm (medium) 50ml.aprx.2ozs

Most effective ultrafine colloidal to fight illness and disease; accelerate skin, muscle and bone repair. Great for emergencies for cuts, bights, burns etc. Proven natural antibiotic and alternative antiseptic. Ultrafine Colloidals are made up of almost nano-sized pure charged particles (0.10 -1.01 micron) small enough to enter individual blood cells and eradicate all single celled invaders; germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens or pathogens.


Silver eradicates germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. Boosts body's immune system, accelerates healing and repair process. Our ultrafine quality is safe for use directly into eyes, ears and nose for immediate relief of sinus, eye infections and ear problems. This colloidal will BOOST your OWN immune system and deal effectively with disease and illness. Please remember this therapy is not just another pain blocker but will deal with the root cause of your physical ailments, and with a little patience eradicate the causation.

No Not All Colloidal Silver is Equal! - An Ultrafine Colloidal Silver is made up of microscopic tiny charged particles of silver between 0.01 - 0.001 micron in size which enables these particles to enter even the smallest human blood cell and eradicate single celled invaders; evacuating through any and all human membranes -thus no toxicity and completely safe. 100% ORGANIC

*Note it is much cheaper to buy it in 100ml. or 200ml Economy size. (same one size fits all delivery charge any size bottle/s)
50ml. aprox. 2ozs. (#Ag/2)  $22.85