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CRUCIBLE COLLOIDAL SUPER SILVER 500+ ppm Maximum Strength Pure Colloidal Silver needed when using these Ultrafine Quality virtual nano sized particles (Extreme Quality + Strength)

CRUCIBLE SUPER SILVER 500+ ppm Maximum Strength needed when using these Ultrafine Quality virtual nano sized particles (Extreme Quality + Strength)

FROM THE ORIGINAL Alchemists Workshop tm. SOURCE

We offer you only the very best in old and ancient knowledge coupled with the very latest nano-technology to produce the tiniest particles (between 0.10 -0.001 micron) which enables them to complete their tasks of entering blood cells and eradicating   infectious illness and  disease whilst promoting fast healing and protection from germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and pathogens. this CRUCIBLE Ultrafine  SUPER SILVER is extracted and then distilled over and over again, while still continuing the long slow continual extraction of microscopic charged silver particles. THIS IS UNIQUE!   NEW!  FROM THE CRUCIBLES OF THE ALCHEMISTS WORKSHOP !
As this is a long and hard process there is sometimes a 14 to 21 day delay in being able to supply this particular colloidal product:

100m. aprox. 4ozs

A VERY POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE SUPER COLLOIDAL SILVER - works quicker and allows less time for any remaining infections to propagate. Once these causes of your illness are killed they remain dead and don't  mutate into alternative versions that are immune to this Crucible Silver.  Very effective at accelerating your own natural body's healing system but for internal use as well as skin surface.

Also Available in Larger Quantities

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