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Colloidal ZINC 9/11ppm. stimulates glandular function. Assists in controlling prostate and flow; (medium) 50ml.aprx.2ozs

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is probably the best absorbed method of absorbing zinc.
It is used in hundreds of  processes within the body

Up to 20% of our zinc in our  bodies is used by our skin
where it plays its part in tissue repair and  renewal.

It also plays its part in the maintenance of:-

  • Helping to maximize the IMMUNE SYSTEM
  • Protecting and maintaining normal VISION
  • Protecting and maintaining normal FERTILITY AND REPRODUCTION
  • Protecting and maintaining normal SKIN, HAIR and NAILS
  • Protecting and maintaining normal DNA synthesis and true CELL DIVISION
  • Protects CELL constituents from oxidative damage
  • Protecting and maintaining normal COGNITIVE FUNCTION
  • Helps to protect and regulate the PROSTATE

Extremely necessary for overall disease and illness control, protection, immune system and general body cleansing of infections.

Infection protection and healing increased when taken  as an adjunct with Ultrafine Colloidal SILVER.

When used specifically to deal with skin problems and cognitive function, the overall effects are increased when taken and used with Ultrafine COPPER and GOLD.

Ultrafine Zinc stimulates glandular function. Assists in controlling prostate and flow. Most powerful germacide proven over time to kill off infections of throat and soft tissue, caused by colds and other infections. A must when maitaining a healthy body.
(#Zn/2) 50ml.   $23.85