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Golden SILVER (Ultrafine Colloidal Silver Quality) With a Touch of Colloidal Gold - FANTASTIC NEW Advanced Formula!! Great for Skin and more....

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Ultrafine Colloidal *
Golden SILVER tm.*
with a
Touch of Gold !!! 
 NEW !
Alchemists Workshop  tm.

 Ultrafine Quality
Golden SILVER tm.
‘ With a Touch of Gold ‘

 A Superior regular 12/14ppm Colloidal Silver made to the exacting  Ultrafine standards of The Alchemists Workshop’s  34 year reputation of only making the best and most effective Ultrafine Colloidals both for health protection, speedy healing and skincare beauty enhancement.

Developed by our own R&D over the past four years, we have come up with a better Ultrafine regular colloidal silver in so far as we have found that by adding a specific proportion of our Ultrafine colloidal gold we can accelerate the effects of colloidal silver for skin applications and accelerated healing of existing conditions when taken orally sublingually.

The traditions of holistic alchemy have led us to realize the importance of the benefits that can be obtained when purifying and distilling a mixture of various colloidals. Taking into account the individual atomic weights of these two vital life-giving minerals, metaphysically representing the purity of the Sun (Gold) giver of life on earth, and the continuum of rebirth of the Moon (silver) infinite rebirth and the cycle of continuum. 

We realized that we were following exactly where the Medieval alchemists were going with their own thinking.  However in our case we were approaching this from a strictly logical perspective of using one metal to accelerate and guide the other and to act as a trigger to multiply the effect of the combination.  Thus the sum total effect is greater  than its individual parts, making it more effective without the necessity of increasing the overall PPM.

The result is our…
Alchemists Workshop  tm.

Ultrafine Colloidal

Golden SILVER tm
‘ Silver With a  Golden Touch ‘

Please don’t request any more of the details of the ratio and ppm of this formula as  it  is strictly proprietary and the exclusive property of Alchemists Workshop and as such will not be devulged other than the silver is 12/14ppm.


Silver With a  Golden Touch ‘

ONLY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN 100ml. bottles (aprox 4ozs.) $42.35

However you can now buy two or three bottles offering 40 days and 60 days supply with  discount savings. See below choices.