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Ultrafine Colloidal Gold 12ppm, to calm the whole neural system,increase IQ, libido, relieve arthritis, & help secure hearts natural rhythm. 50ml.

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Ultrafine Gold. Calms the whole neural system, increases IQ, libido, relieves arthritis + more. Gold used for centuries in treatment for arthritis  especially when used in conjunction with copper, and Parkinsons disease. Gold also helpful with skin orientated problems.
We have found, in cooperation with our clients, that gold is also very effective in creating a relaxed condition for meditation and to help acquire a natural sleep pattern while conquering restlessness and wakefulness when going to bed. Very effective in helping maintain the heart's natural rhythm. Also when mixed with colloidal copper extremely effective when treating arthritis both topically and orally.

(#Au/2) 50ml.  $43.85