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SKIN-MAGIC tm. 3 x pure colloidals and 3 x organic pure and rare essential oils -Skin Spray protection & revitalization.

Available in  half and 1 liter bottles or 10 x 100ml. bottles.

Priced for healthcare and skincare professionals

ALCHEME - SKIN MAGIC  SprayMist 100ml. Miraculous Skin Spray for ALL SEASONS + all Occasions - All Skins

ALCHEME - SKIN MAGIC SprayMist 100ml. Miraculous Skin Spray for ALL SEASONS + all Occasions


SKIN MAGIC tm. SprayMist 100ml.
An 'Any time - Any Place' skin restorer spray mist.


Organically Green - 100% organic

Can be used over make-up or au nature'.

Contains Ultrafine Colloidal GOLD, SILVER and COPPER with 3 essential oils.
(incl. Pure essential Lavender, Camomile, Rose oils)  100% natural and organic.

The origins of this formula probably go back as far as  The Queen of Sheba who was also reputed to be in possession of vast alchemenical secrets as they related to beauty, healthy body and mind; and was in possession of the Philosphers Stone that she gave to King Solomon. I

A fabulous and complete skin treatment in its own right - Ideal for rough or weathered  skin from sun or wind. 

Counteracts against the effects of hard water and polluted rain water, or general pollution effects on the skin.     

Helps to protect, restore, and create smooth and healthy looking skin.
(#ALCHEME SKM 100ml.) List Price rrp $68.45 Large 100ml. (aprx 4 ozs)

I ("Collectanea"; from the Arab alchemist Abu Aflaḥ of Syracuse)), supposedly originally found in the esoteric Sefer ha-Maẓpun, ascribed to King Solomon, the "precious stone" with which the Queen of Sheba presented Solomon (I Kings 10:2) was none other than the philosopher's stone which she as an alchemist had inherited from her first husband, Sman (who was a great Nabatean sage).

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