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Gaea Herbal Earth Cream: The Latest Beauty Break-Throughs with Pure Gold, Bee Venom, Hemp Oil, and much more 30grm.

Gaea Herbal Earth Cream: The Latest Beauty Break-Throughs with Pure Gold, Bee Venom, Hemp Oil, and much more 30grm.

Gaea Earth Goddess
Guarded mysterious herbal secrets still seeked-out and protected from those wishing to subjugate and destroy this herb

Web of Life tm. - Earth Resources tm. new herbal+colloidal collection.

What does the lowly weed they call hemp have to do with the king of all earthly minerals - GOLD?
By combining the finest result of the transmutation of the Alchemists art by producing and ultrafine colloidal gold and copper capable to infiltrate the hidden depths of the skin and sub-derma layers while at the same time allowing the special nutrients and phitocells of the hemp cream with the additional specially chosen essential oils, Dead Sea Crystals and seaweed extracts to interreact and achieve total synchronicity and thus work in a unique symbionic totality, combining the unique gift of deep space and the universe - GOLD with the primal necessity of COPPER together with the ultimate natural herbal gift of Gaea - Hemp with all it's mystic connotations.

Gaea Herbal Earth Cream  tm.
Exotic Earth Herbals
Essential Oils
Colloidal Gold, Copper, Silver and Zinc
Dead Sea Crystals, Seaweed extracts

Ancient Earth Goddess
From pre medieval alchemists legend involving King Arthur and his Shamanic magical Alchemist Merlin through to modern day New Age Gaeanish; we bring you a cream whose roots go right back to the Earth Goddess and her alchemistic shaman in the midst of what is the modern day Monmouthshire in  Wales, where Arthurian legend upholds King Arthur’s Merlin delved into the bountiful earth’s natural herbs; creating a wondrous cream for King Arthur’s Queen Guenevere, whose beauty was and is still renown.

It is from this same area of the Arthurian Legend that our Gaea Herbal Earth Cream base  was concocted and created (using the unique and specialized knowledge of the most experienced and best living hemp oil extractor still currently plying his craft).
Alchemists Workshop refined the cream further with their Ultrafine Colloidal Gold, Copper, essential oils, organic Bee Venom, Dead Sea salts, seaweed essentials and created the ultimate Goddess Herbal Cream - The Web of Life

30grm  $120.80 (there is larger size 60grms listed  @ $220.00)

Our Price: $120.80 Earn 120 Points with this purchase

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