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COPPER Ultrafine Quality 10/12ppm -The Self Improvement Solution For Body and Mind - SPECIAL

COPPER Ultrafine Quality 10/12ppm -The Self Improvement Solution For Body and Mind - SPECIAL


COPPER:- what you need to know..!


Ultrafine Colloidal Copper tm.


The Self Improvement Solution

For Body and Mind


Skin,  Brain Synapse Response,  Arteries and Veins,

Muscles and Joints,  Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Collagen Production,

Elasticity for skin and veins,  Blood Cleansing, 



Essential for the continuing healthy working of the bone-cartilage connection in all joints including but not limited to; spinal connections, knees, hips, ankles, shoulder and arms.



From our own tests and studies, when combined with ultrafine colloidal gold, COPPER can not only  help in  relieving swelling and pain, but when used in the early stages as a cold compress applied over the affected area, can help eradicate it within five to ten days and give a decade of freedom from this dreaded arthritis.


Pain from Restricted Arteries and Veins

Extreme benefits can be obtained in the relief of pain when applied topically to the affected area and further long term benefits arise from an oral dosage of one teaspoon daily. This can have the effect of creating more elasticity within the walls of the arteries and veins and make them more flexible providing more dilation as well as helping to cleanse blood by increasing oxygenation throughout the blood system.

Potential Prevention of Aneurysm, Stroke, Heart, Thrombosis.


Skin and Beauty Care

Ultrafine Colloidal Copper is the Skin’s best friend because of the following benefits it bestows on and within the skin and sub-derma layer.

·        Increases the skins elasticity and thus smoothes out tiny wrinkles around the eyes, lips and neck.

·        Promotes and instigates healthy collagen re-growth below the skin in the sub-derma area. This also adds to the eradication of wrinkles, drooping and sagging skin.

·        Causes full oxygenation of the blood within and just below the skin giving it a lustrous and healthy glow.

·        Increased oxygenation coupled with elasticity can vigorously contribute to the eradication of certain causes of Acne especially when used in conjunction with ultrafine colloidal silver such as Alchemists workshop’s  SKIN I.



When ultrafine colloidal copper is administered using a pipette dropper to the nasal passages, it’s almost nano-sized particles can easily be absorbed through to the brain where it speeds up the synapse response and thus lead to faster and clarity of thought process.  The same response is also experienced when taking ultrafine colloidal copper orally – but with a slight time delay and also to a lesser extent.

Warning:  the oral dosage should not be exceeded and in certain cases it may be necessary to start with one quarter of a teaspoon every two days working up to the daily dose over two weeks.

People suffering epilepsy or other types of brain spasm are advised to consult with their medical doctor before using colloidal copper.


Regular List Price $48.35 per 100ml. bottle x 2 = $88.35  NOW ON OFFER 2 X 100ml. bottles FOR $78.35

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Available in 3 and 4 bottle options.

Our Price: $88.35 Earn 88 Points with this purchase

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