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AutoImmunity:3x100ml. Strong Colloidal Formula Solution to protect, boost and regenerate SAVE $53.60

AutoImmunity:3x100ml. Strong Colloidal Formula Solution to protect, boost and regenerate SAVE $53.60

THIS OFFER CONTAINS 3 X 100ml. or aprox. 3 x 4oz bottles of this great all colloidal auto immunity formula

AutoImmunity tm. 100% All Pure Ultrafine Colloidal Formula Solution to help protect, boost and regenerate YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Kick-Start a sluggish IMMUNE SYSTEM with this NEW Colloidal immune booster.
If your own immune system is working properly and at maximum strength as nature intended, then you would be in good health and physical condition.

This proprietary formula using only the best quality Ultrafine Colloidals containing three different kinds of colloidal silver in different strengths and ppms ranging from 14ppm to 500ppm together with one other secret colloidal, at ratios that remain the exclusive property of Alchemists Workshop, that directs this solution to the immune system.

No further information as to the identity of the secret trigger colloidal or the ratios and ppms will be devulged so please do not email us for this information.

This Ultrafine Colloidal Formula has been years in the making and was researched and developed solely by the Alchemists Workshop at the request of many of their worldwide clients.  It is hoped that this combination formula of only Ultrafine Colloidals of .999 purity will answer some of the problems bedeviling humanity.

Only currently available in 100ml. (aprox 4oz bottles). At one teaspoon dosage per day each bottle offers 20 day supply .
But we are offering beneficial discounts for two or three bottles.

(100ml.aprox 4ozs) LIST PRICE  $74.35 

(200ml. aprox 8ozs)   VALUE $148.70  -  FOR  $139.45  SAVING $9.25

(300ml. aprox 12ozs) VALUE $223.05  DISCOUNTED TO $199.45 PLUS SAVE AN EXTRA $30.00  AT $169.45

TOTAL SAVINGS ON THIS 300ml. (aprox. 12ozs) $53.60

Our Price: $169.45 Earn 169 Points with this purchase

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