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Alchemists Stone tm - Tumble Polished or rough, carrying the Universal Natural Magnetic Force Field

Alchemists Stone tm - Tumble Polished or rough, carrying the Universal Natural Magnetic Force Field


Tumble polished
Tumble polished
The Alchemists Healing Stone
these stones have not been artifically magnetised
 Over the millennia covering ancient times up to the present, there have always been stories about the healing properties of special mystical stones.
 Alchemists Workshop have located a source of scarce naturally magnetic stones which carry their own low gauss aether electromagnetic force.  They have been immersed within a proprietary formulated colloidal mixture for predetermined periods to produce the finely tuned Alchemists Holistic Stone.

These stones are then housed within their own individual soft leather indian Shamanic style talisman pouches, handmade in Shamanic Indian style tradition. They can be hung onto a belt or worn around the neck worn close to the skin so that the interaction of the stone and the body's electrical system continues unabated. It acts almost like a low battery trickle charger.

In the event of a problem which is localized, the stone can be removed by opening the pouch and removing the stone and gently massaging it into the effected area. If the pain gradually moves from the original location; follow the probably reduced pain trail to its new location and continue the procedure until it dissipates entirely. If the pain reappears again repeat as needed.  If the pain persists over several days refer to a medical doctor.

The Alchemists Holistic Stone tm  can be used very effectively with the oral and topical use of ultrafine colloidals.

(the)  Alchemists Holistic Stone tm  2011 Alchemists Workshop
(the)  Alchemists Stone tm  2011 Alchemists Workshop

Large tumble polished
tumble polished Alchemists Stone Larger tumble polished Alchemists Stone  3 cm - 3.5 cm
  PRICE including leather pouch $89.75
  FREE S&H within contiguous United States.

Medium tumble polished
Tumble polished Medium tumble polished Achemists Stone  2.1 cm - 3 cm.
  PRICE including leather pouch $53.75
  FREE S&H within contiguous United States.

Small tumble polished
  Small tumble polished ALchemists Stone 1.5 cm - 2 cm
  PRICE including leather pouch $39.95 incl.
  FREE S&H within contiguous United States.

Natural unfinished rough
Natural in the ROUGH
- sizes range from small $37.50 - medium $51.75 -  large $86.75
  PRICE including leather pouch
  FREE S&H within contiguous United States.

 Natural rough unfinished Large natural Alchemists Stone showing rough finish:
photo showing some metal filings having attached themselves magnetically  -
Available as per above three polished sizing.

All Alchemists Stones come in their individual pure handmade buckskin soft leather pouches for you to wear around your neck or tied to your belt.
Sellection of pouches x 4 colors

Pouches are available in following colors  If you have a specific choiceof color for your pouch please email us after order has been made.
            1) Natural light beige soft suede
            2) Brown soft suede
            3) Brown soft leather
            4) Tan soft leather

(The Alchemists Holistic Stone )

This is the Cosmic stone of the Universe, being some 4 - 15 million years old and having travelled millions of light years through time and space.

These stones and  some that have sometimes arrived as comets, are endowered with a natural electro-magnetic force-field operating on the same wave length as that of the natural force-fields operating along the longditudal lines on earth between the north and south poles, and also present within most life forms living on this planet.

About our Alchemists Healing Stone tm.
You wear or carry it with you as a talisman but which you use directly on the skin to heal any pain.  Each stone is between 4-11 million years old and will have travelled across the known universe.

The Alchemists Holistic Stone tm. comes in two different finishes - naturally rough or tumble polished. Each stone comes in their own individual handmade Shamanic Native Indian style soft natural leather pouch. Also each of these stones have their own unique natural low gauss magnetic field that aligns with the body's own electro magnetic field. The stones have also been treated within our own colloidal mixtures which also carry their own electro-magnetic healing field.  The combination of this proprietary formulated treatment makes these stones totally unique. You only have to buy one once to last a lifetime without any type of recharging.

note 1.   This situation relating to a human electrical system is well documented by Dr. Robert Becker in his book Body Electric



Please choose rough or polished stone sizes

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